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A well-built extension will add value and character to your home, and can provide a cost effective way of increasing the living space within your family home. Extending your current property can also be a more cost-effective solution than moving home.

Almost every property has got potential for an extension, and while a well-designed one can add so much space and value to a home, a poorly planned or badly executed extension could even detract from your property’s value.

Being one of the largest building contractors on the Isle of Lewis, we are a well-established property extensions specialist, so whatever your plans, you can trust our expert team to take your project from concept to completion.

From the design and planning stages, to carrying out construction work, we can take care of everything from start to finish. Previous projects we have worked on include single storey house extensions, double storey home extensions and extensions to kitchens.

There are few things for you to consider when deciding on an extension, such as, what do you want to achieve from the space, your budget for the project, and what type of extension and glazing is desired. Here are just a few examples of extensions :-

Side Extension – A side extension stretches your home into an alley way at the side of your house. This is often a relatively small extension but it can have a great impact on the look and feel of your property.

Wrap-around Extension – This is a side extension combined with a rear extension. It provides a maximum space and can completely change the existing layout, creating an open plan living space for your family, an enlarged kitchen and living rooms, and open up your house into a garden.

Rear Extension – As the name suggests, rear extensions extend out from the back of your property and are typically carried out on properties where there is no side return option or on detached properties. They extend the size of your kitchen and can usually include an additional dining or living space.

Double or Multi Storey Extension – This can completely transform not only the ground floor of your property but your house, as a whole, giving you all the space you need.

Whatever your budget or requirements, we can tailor our service to match. We provide all that is needed at every stage to ensure that the end result meets your expectations and our high standards.

Whether you have planning permission, or are still wondering what could be possible with your home layout, get in touch.  We offer free site inspections and estimates for properties to help you make decisions at the earliest stages of a project.

Newmarket Extension 1 - O'Mac Construction
Newmarket Extension 2 - O'Mac Construction
Newmarket Extension 3 - O'Mac Construction
Newmarket Extension 4 - O'Mac Construction
Newmarket Extension 5 - O'Mac Construction
Newmarket Extension 6 - O'Mac Construction
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