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Residential Builds

For any self-build timber project there are many build options and build routes available, be it either a timber frame or a SIPs build. However, it is vital that you, as a self-builder, carefully evaluate your circumstances and capabilities in deciding which of these you will choose.

The biggest self-build failures occur when people underestimate how difficult and time-consuming the building process can be, they overestimate their own capabilities to do the work or to manage a multi-faceted building site.

Depending on your experience as a self-builder, skill set and available time, your main build options are as follows :-

  • Appoint a design and build contractor to design and build your home.

  • Appoint an architect or consultant to design your home, then get either a contractor to build it, or you manage the build yourself.

  • Purchase a kit house from a timber kit frame supplier. The kits are of standard design but can be changed to a bespoke configuration if desired. Then get either a contractor to build it, or you manage the build yourself.

Once you have decided on your option you can then decide on one of the following three build routes :-

  • Build Route 1 – All work is carried out by a main contractor.

  • Build Route 2 – You employ a project coordinator and a team of subcontractors.

  • Build Route 3 – You self-manage the project, and employ a team of subcontractors.

We have many years of experience working successfully with architects, consultants, timber frame and SIPs manufacturers, and self-builders, on all of these build options and routes. We can be either a main contractor, or adapt to a subcontracting status in any build route where we supply trades as, and when, required.

In addition, we are also a highly capable design and build contractor where we can design, plan, organise, control, and construct your home to your specific requirements.

All of our services are tailored to your individual situation, and we provide clear practical guidelines to help you, whatever your needs and preferred level of involvement.

By choosing us as your main contractor we will guarantee the following :-

  • You will have one main point of contact; we will assign a project manager who will be your main point of contact for any queries, and it is their job to supply you with project updates at regular intervals during the build;

  • We will have experience and insight into your build, thus pre-empting many issues before they arise, we take care of the stress so you can enjoy the process; 

  • We are very experienced in programming and procurement scheduling, we manage complexity and reduce risk;

  • We are responsible for managing and co-ordinating all construction procedures, and health and safety, on site;

  • Your house will be erected by a professional, well organised crew of tradesmen with years of experience. Technical, and all trades, expertise is retained in-house;

  • We offer an honest, supportive, expert service that offers transparent pricing;

  • A complete turnkey service from groundworks to successful handover;

  • We are an NHBC (National House Building Council) registered company which gives you peace of mind knowing that all our new homes will be built to NHBC’s strict standards.

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