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PVCu Windows & Doors

An average home loses 10% of its heat through windows and doors.


Good, energy efficient glazing reduces this heat loss, keeps the home warmer and reduces heating bills. It also provides excellent acoustic insulation.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing single glazed windows can help create an annual saving of around £170. However, the effectiveness of double glazing will depend on three different factors; the window rating, quality of installation, and frame material.

PVCu (also known as uPVC) is the most common material found to make the frame 

PVCu Window

and casement of windows, doors, and other home improvement products, and is a popular alternative to wood due to its lightweight and strong composition which is required to withstand the harshest weather conditions, with decreased costs to consumers.

We can supply and fit replacement PVCu windows and doors (including Composite, French and Patio Doors), in a variety of colours and styles to complement your home and help keep it warm and dry.

Benefits of PVCu Double Glazed Windows & Doors :-


  • Low maintenance - PVCu window frames require very little maintenance, and don't need painting or sealing, they are also easy to clean;

  • Thermal insulation - the combination of PVCu window frames and double glazing contributes significantly to the overall energy efficiency of a home and a more consistent internal temperature;

  • Acoustic insulation - PVCu double glazed windows and doors not only provide thermal insulation, they also help to reduce outside noise;

  • Durable – PVCu is very durable; many windows and doors installed over the past 25 years are still in use today;

  • Rot and salt erosion resistant – PVCu does not rot and is resistant to corrosion including salt erosion (in coastal areas);

  • Security - PVCu windows and doors incorporate multi-locking systems that provide a high level of security;

  • Improves your home's energy efficiency rating (EPC Rating).


We can also offer triple glazing with argon gas filled sealed units which provide improved heat retention and enhanced sound reduction.

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